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The Future is Human - with Kayleigh O'Keefe

Oct 6, 2021

Welcome to the Kayleigh O’Keefe Show!


On August 23, 2015, Sarah Alaimo had a spiritual awakening. She didn’t know why or how, but she did know that moving forward her life was going to be different. For the first time, she said out loud, “I’m an alcoholic, and I don’t have to drink anymore.” Since then, Sarah has stepped wholeheartedly into radical change. She wrote a book titled Pearls & Probation: Adventures of an Alcoholic Good Girl, met her husband at a recovery retreat and became a career happiness coach


Tune into this week’s episode of The Kayleigh O’Keefe Show to learn more about:

• Sarah’s acceptance of the “alcoholic” label

• Sarah’s experience publishing a vulnerable story

• The importance of the writer-editor relationship

• How Sarah found creative ways to promote other women-owned businesses during her book launch

• And why we must be open to ourselves in order to attract what we most need in life!



• “So often when someone thinks of someone who is an alcoholic...they think of someone homeless, under a bridge, with a bottle and a bag….But I really wanted to play up the image of who I am just to show that it can look a lot of different ways, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s just something we get to experience in life and learn from.” (07:08-07:44 | Sarah Alaimo)

• “My recovery journey started at age 25, and I remember going into the rooms, and I had all of those perceptions, too, about what it meant to be an alcoholic. And I was really lucky...I went to a meeting where I was surrounded by 50% women, and they were all young working professionals like myself.” (08:14-08:35 | Kayleigh O’Keefe)

• “I think initially I had a really hard time putting that label on [my alcoholism]...but as I’ve done the work and really gotten to the heart of things, it’s no longer about the alcohol. That was just a symptom of the other things that I really needed to work on, and it’s given me this amazing life.” (10:56-11:26 | Sarah Alaimo)

• “Anything else where I ended up being more vulnerable or needing to add more was from my editor. I think there’s just such a special relationship between an author and an editor. I didn’t know that before this time.” (20:20-20:34 | Sarah Alaimo)

• “Between having a pandemic wedding and a pandemic launch party, I kind of had to learn to let go.” (26:46-26:52 | Sarah Alaimo)

• “You’re really taking me back to the end of that first year of sobriety and suddenly the world opened up and the possibilities seemed endless.” (33:21-33:35 | Kayleigh O’Keefe)

• “It was okay for me to focus on what made me happy. That’s when I started to feel successful.” (40:04-40:08 | Sarah Alaimo)



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